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Here on Connecting Travelers, we connect our travel experts with our travel enthusiast for a better experience and convenience. Connecting travelers is a trip-advisor company where one can guide tourists into their city by registering with us as a travel expert. Also, this site allows you to book a trip with us to discover the best vacation spots with minimal effort.

Connecting travelers makes it easier for you to grow your network and reach your potential customer or book a vacation at the same place. To become a travel expert, all you need is to register yourself with us and hold your breath for all the incoming requests on your way.

Connecting travelers connect you with our 24hrTrips, a platform to discover exotic, scenic, adventurous, and close to nature destinations for the memories you would love to cherish and create more for the rest of your life.


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Secure and safe website.

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Believes in “vocal for local”

 Amazing trip advice and ideas.

Guide to unexplored destinations.

Experience you’d love to share.

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Flexibility and last-minute plans.

A proud team of dedicated members.

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